Tasha is the smallest girl in class, who finds out all about Bas, with her fair honesty. A crazy crash or two brings them together, very close indeed, and they want to help a circus performer who is in trouble after setting a lion free – by accident or deliberately? It’s killed in the street, and the media love this, but Bas knows more about it.
In order to cope with mental suspense, Bas and Tasha need to be sharp detectives, careful adventurers, and very best friends. When secrets are honest, they can create a unique bond, and miracles become true, funny, moving.

Viking Films:
“Wonderful book full of beautiful and colourful characters. The setting is special and the young love is rendered very well and beautifully.”
“Book of the month.” Bewuste ouders.
“Exciting, moving, beautiful.” The Sword
“Thrilling, easy to identify with.” Scholieren
"About the immeasurable power of friendship. Apt and direct style. Grabs the readers' attention." Stentor

Being yourself between fear and courage. No bullying, but friendship & frankness, guts and a big sense of humour. The real thing about chance, magic, ‘meant to be’. Guys and girls are equal, vulnerable, strong.

I’m like a bird
I don’t know where my soul is
I don’t know where my home is
                                                      Nelly Furtado
but someone will show you
                                                      Arno Bohlmeijer