mini bio

Arno Bohlmeijer, MA
bilingual author - English & Dutch
winner of the National Charlotte Köhler Prize

At age 14 he was admitted to the Scapino School of Dance,
but his shyness gave him stage-fright, and at 17 he chose to study languages,
with jobs in Wales, France, and London, soon going on to write and be published in six countries, receiving these comments -

“Consistently original and intriguing. Evocative. Strongly atmospheric. A talent for dialogue. The style very distinctive and the language interesting.”

Publishers Weekly:
‘Relishing the subtle beauty of the author’s prose and its life-affirming message.’

Royal Court Theatre:
‘Flair and control, combining a sense of tension and energy, as well as poeticism.’

Kirkus Review:

School Library Journal:

Church & Synagogue Libraries: “An inspiring story of courage.”

“Intriguing, real, thrilling, moving.”
Ben Sombogaart, director, Oscar nominee & Emmy Award winner

Aidan Chambers:
‘People and events are vivid, emotional and physical sensation impressive.’

“A realistic contrast to glitzy soaps about family disasters, a touching and authentic human drama.”